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  • Increase conversion rates with automated features.
  • Our modern and flexible solutions will do the rest.
  • Watch your business grow starting today.
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Give Your Customers the flexibility they need

Accept local and international payment methods in your web shop with just one single contract. By offering the right mix of trusted payment methods you are guaranteed to increase conversion.

Increase conversion rates with automated features. Expand your business effortlessly with HydroPay by offering additional payment methods, and let your customers pay seamlessly on all devices. Watch your business grow. Our modern and flexible solutions will do the rest.

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Online Payments

Online Payments

You have a webshop. And you want to offer your customers a safe and simple means of payment.

For that, you can offer various payment methods. A number of things determine which payment methods are most suitable for your webshop: who are your customers, where do they come from and which products and services do you offer on your webshop. Do you want to know which payment methods are best for your webshop?

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments with our SDK are made super simple. Start accepting payments via mobile today.

Whether bar code payments, NFC or BLE technology, contactless and virtual cards with real time top up or mobile card readers and apps, HydroPay offers the entire range of products for mobile payment solutions.

In Store Payments

In Store Payments

We are offering payment terminals and PoS so you can accept cards in your own store.

For cashless payment processing at every point of sale, we offer a wide range of latest generation industry-specific terminals: fixed (also payments via NFC), portable and mobile. As a result, HydroPay is able to meet the specific requirements of each individual business, from local shops and restaurants to taxi drivers, couriers and delivery services.

Secured Services

Secured Services

Our Platform and Services are fully compliant with the latest PCI DSS Level 2.

Ongoing enhancement of the security policies, technologies and processes happen to ensure secure handling of card holder’s and other sensitive data. HydroPay follows Payment Card Security Standards operational and technical requirements for processing and transmitting cardholder data.

API Docs

Simple API

Integrate and use our simple API.

In these pages you'll find all the information you need to get started and start receiving payments on your website. The first articles will give you a general overview of Omise so that you have a better understanding of how all the pieces fall into place.

Regulated Entity

Regulated company

We are regulated financial institution by Czech National Bank.

We are registered as the payment service provider regulated by Czech National Bank as the supervision body over the financial markets according to the Act No. 284/2009 Coll.